Mercy Ministries

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Mercy Ministries allows us to provide love opportunities to Heritage Family members who may be experiencing a new baby, illness, death in the family, etc. 

Mercy Ministries provides funds, groceries, meals, and other needs to Heritage families.

Please be praying for these families!

Current Love Opportunities

Jones Family - Raquel Jones is on bed rest due to severe preeclampsia.  She and the baby are doing fine-praise God!  She will have to stay in the hospital until the baby comes.  Please see the maltrain link on how to help her husband and children out with meals.


Aston Family- Lara Aston's husband Ric Aston passed away suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer 14 days prior.  If you are led to give, you can donate by filling out the form below.  If you would like to provide a meal or groceries directly to the Aston family please email [email protected] for more instructions on the meal train.

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