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Heritage Christian Homeschool Prom

Date – Time

Friday – 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Majestic Oaks (formerly Moffitt Oaks)
20125 Cedar Ln
Tomball, TX 77377 US

Additional Information

The Royal Prom

Friday, April 19, 2024

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Majestic Oaks-The Barn

This event is for High School homeschool students ages 14-19 years old as of 05/31/2024.

Hosted by Heritage Christian Homeschool Student Council


There are a limited number of tickets avaliable. No tickets sold at the door.




A professional DJ will emcee the event. A photo booth and props will be available for pictures.


There will be water and coffee available to drink. There will be an assortment of candy, popcorn and other snacks available. 

Dinner will not be served. Please eat dinner before the event.


Modest attire is expected for both ladies and gentlemen. We expect the students to respect themselves and others by dressing in a virtuous manner. If you invite guests, they too, are expected to follow the guidelines. Please use discretion to ensure your selection is tasteful and above reproach.

Adult sponsors and chaperones reserve the right to ask anyone attending the dance to leave if their attire is deemed inappropriate based on the judgment of the sponsors and chaperones. No refunds will be issued. We do not want to turn anyone away who would like to celebrate during this special night, so please follow the dress code.

If you have questions about your attire, please contact [email protected].


Ladies should wear semi-formal or formal dresses, with long gowns encouraged but not required. We ask you to use your best judgment when shopping and maintain a respectable level of modesty.

  • Ensure appropriate undergarments are worn, with dress necklines modestly cut and dresses having supportive straps. No strapless gowns. Single-strapped gowns are allowed.

  • Short dresses or slits in floor-length gowns should not exceed 5" above the knee. Dresses must allow for modest sitting.

  •  No bare midriffs, deep V necklines, transparencies or cut-outs. No pantsuits or 2-piece dresses. Dress backs should not extend more than 5" below the back bra closure.


  • Dress pants with a long-sleeved button-down shirt and tie are the minimum requirements. Non-Ripped Dark Denim jeans are acceptable if worn with a jacket and tie.

  • Suit jackets are encouraged but not required. Shirts are to remain buttoned and tucked in.

  • Tuxedos are acceptable, too.

  • No ripped, saggy or light-colored jeans or T-shirts.


Adult sponsors and chaperones retain the authority to ask individuals to leave the dance if their behavior or speech is deemed inappropriate. No refunds will be provided.

  •  Dancing should be tasteful, without close body contact or provocative moves, and public displays of affection are not allowed. Chaperones can intervene to address such behavior.

  • Outside food, beverages, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and smoking are prohibited.?  Parents are responsible for any damage caused by their child.

  • Once attendees leave the dance, re-entry is not allowed. The event concludes promptly at 11 p.m., and all attendees must depart or be picked up at that time.

Please carefully read through the Waiver Release, Dress Code and Code of Conduct and electronically sign.

Waiver Release
Dress Code
Code of Conduct


Signup is currently closed.

The Signup Deadline for this event was 4/19/2024 – 11:00 PM CST

Email the Event Coordinator – [email protected]